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Welcome to my creative realm, where I fuse my enthusiasm for technology, video games, music, art, and hands-on exploration. I'm António Menezes, a music creator, artist, and DIY enthusiast hailing from Portugal.

My musical odyssey commenced when I chose to pursue a career that genuinely excited me. Boldly enrolling in an HND program in music creation and production, despite lacking a musical background, I merged my passion for technology with music. Continuing my education, I obtained a BA in Digital Music. I began with circuit bending on repurposed toys, generating peculiar sounds, and eventually crafting a DIY synth.

Faced with the challenge of competing against musically seasoned peers, I distinguished myself through innovation and determination, ultimately carving my niche in the industry.

Since then, I have broadened my pursuits to encompass art and technology. This website serves as a platform for showcasing my work and inspiring others to chase their creative aspirations. I firmly believe that anyone can achieve similar outcomes through dedication and perseverance.

Should you wish to learn more about me or my work, please don't hesitate to reach out. My contact page is open to all inquiries, whether you're interested in utilizing content from my site, commissioning my unique art, or simply engaging in a friendly conversation. I am open to any opportunity and will make every effort to respond to all messages.

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